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Thank you so much for your work and passion for teaching us all the good stuff!


Hi Steve,
I'm writing this after another session with a profit of 4 figures (up a nice 5 figure sum over the last month).
Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents about being in the Stock Index Trading Room.
Even though I have been trading for many years, I didn't have the confidence to "pull the trigger" on my plan.
With Steve's expert tutelage, showing the right way to look at market structure day after day, explaining
the amazing room signals and talking about the right trader mindset, things became much clearer.
I became consistently profitable, and more important, I now view the market action in a right way with
the right structure and more confidence.
Being in the trading room really took me to the next level in growing as a profitable trader. A few months ago
I even quit my job and I now trade full time, loving every moment of it!
Thanks a lot, Steve!


Thanks to Steve for doing such a good job leading the Stock Index Trading Room. His depth of knowledge is truly outstanding and his teaching skills facilitate the transfer of knowledge. His background in Sports Psychology is very helpful as well.


Steve have to jump early, please tell me this signal education will be recorded. The best tuition costs in the country can be found here in the SITR.


Yesterday lesson was excellent, thank you very much for talking about the right mindset to trade consistently.