Welcome to the Stock Index Trading Room (SITR) special page for prospective special members! Here you will find some of the special things we offer and a special pricing (coupon code at the end of this page)!

The SITR was created by Robbins World Cup Champion Trader Rob Mitchell and is moderated daily by Steve Myers.  Steve is a gifted teacher and explains market concepts, signals and all the things we teach that are important to traders in a natural and easy to understand manner.   As a member, you will benefit by the  8 years of learning history that came before you in a way that can accelerate your learning curve towards trading mastery. There have been many innovations in the trading rooms over these 8 years and many things you benefit from by being a member such as:

        • Learn Market PlayBook (aka Market Mapping) where there are predictions made for how the market will trade each 30 minutes all day long involving ranges, and extensions and other methods. Each prediction has a known historical probability. There's nothing like it!
        • Learn Market Strcuture and Price Action.  We have turned this into a science with shapes, strcutures, a price action system, a pivot system, and many other predictive methods based on known historical probabilities.
        • Learn Market Profile and associated market theory and how to use it to your advantage for both trading and money management.
        • Learn the many facets of market momentum. Did you know there are at least a dozen ways to read momentum? We teach these and knowing this can be a game changere for your trading.
        • Learn Order Flow with 5th generation Order Flow and Order Flow Momentum tools.
        • Discover secrets of Support and Resistance, Targeting that have super high historical hit rates.
        • Benefit from 8 years of training materials articles, videos and member resources.
        • With Daily Lectures covering live market commentarty, applied trading for scalpting , day trading swinging the market.
        • Learn hundreds of trading signals with our applied  "Four Quadrant" approach to trading system design.
        • Discover how to apply any or all of the above methods to achieve Probability Stacking
        • And a lot more!

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