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Is this room for trading Stock Index Futures only?

The principals we teach work in other markets as well. However, we primarily trade the ES-mini S&P 500  index futures contract.  Because of the popularity and shear liquidity it gives us the opportunity to enter and exit trades more precisely with no fear of non-filled orders.  Plus it has more opportunities each day than most other futures instruments by its length of trading time.    The same system we use also works very well in TF Russell futures, GC Gold, CL Crude Oil and others.

Why are many of the blog articles for members only?

Because any one of these articles is easily worth the cost of being a member. Further, in order to gain full benefit, you will want to learn the techniques of the room so you are able to understand the advanced topics.  We lecture most days for up to 2 hours on these concepts and live in real time at key points in the day.  If you attend you will learn these principals if you give it the effort it deserves. To evaluate the room fully you should really make a several month commitment.  If you give it the effort it deserves, it will likely pay you for life!

Do you offer a trial?

We have special promotions at various times.  Email us for details.

Do I need to buy indicators for the room?

No, but many room members do so, you do not need to buy anything else unless you want to.  We do recommend you have a good Renko bar that is available through our partner IndicatorSmart.  Other room tools are here.    We do not push anyone to buy anything extra- all you need is room membership.  Many users use the Smart Patterns Trading System because this is what the room is based on.  You can watch a webinar for that here:  http://indicatorsmart.com Watch the more recent ones first.

Do you call entries, targets and stops?

Not specifically.  But we point out triggers forming and patterns to trade most times before they happen.  Helping you be prepared to strike. We help you visualize your trade placement.  Since we are a large room of traders it is important that members do not place all their orders in the same exact place and time. Using the triggers on the screen and techniques taught in the room, you can learn to become a top notch trader. If you want to just follow someone, then the SITR is probably not for you. If you want to learn to trade and are willing to take the time and work, you can accomplish that in the SITR and many have.  See our reviews page for what room members are saying.

I am having difficulty getting into the room.  What should I do?

If you are having difficulty entering the trading room and are registered for the room, please first check that you are entering your information correctly (email and password) and follow the direction here (http://stockindextradingroom.com/unable-to-log-in-or-register-for-sitr/). If you are still having difficulty, please also try AnyMeeting Support for assistance.

I am having difficulty accessing the recordings on the recordings page. What should I do?

Make sure you are registered to the room and are using your current password and email used to access the recordings.

I see other contributors on the website.  Can I contribute too?

Yes, just ask us and we will help you to get started. Just keep topics that are relevant to what we do in the trading room.  We'd be glad to have you on board!

On log-in to the room, I am getting, "Starting up..." and the room does not open. How can I fix that?

It is possible your browser cache has not been cleared for a long time.  Try clearing your browser cache. Instructions for this can be found here: https://kb.iu.edu/d/ahic

I have not been invited to the Trading Room but have opted in for it on the site. What should I do?

If you are not getting invites be sure to check your email for permissions for mail from AnyMeeting.com and StockIndexTradingRoom.com. Do not let it go to spam and miss important announcements!
If that does not work, another option is to opt in using a different email address from a different provider such as Gmail.

How much does the room cost?

The room cost is $349 per month but there is a special running right now for an excellent discount.  See the Home page video for details.

Can I buy other indicators from your charts?

Yes, all the indicators on our charts are available through IndicatorSmart.com. The following tools are used: SmartSupportResistance,  SmartZones, Smart Momentum, SmartSuperTrend, UltimateTickBars, SmartVolumeStats, Shark Indicator BloodHound, and Smart PriceBands. If purchasing, be sure to look for Packages to get better pricing.

Each of the tools above on the IndicatorSmart site, has a video that shows in detail how to benefit from the tool, so, if you want to really advance your learning, it is advised that you watch the videos for these tools as all the videos are there are highly educational.

Also worth noting: The above tools are also all components of the Smart Patterns Trading System. If you purchase components and later get the system from IndicatorSmart, they will credit your single purchase price on any indicator. This can often result in getting the system for next to nothing so check it out.

What are the maroon and green background bars?

The vertical background colors on the chart are trade triggers based on a program available through IndicatorSmart.com called BloodHound.  Various triggers are coded and we default to high volume with trend (based on the SmartPriceBands in singular mode) trigger bars.  Sometimes other triggers may be selected but we default at this time to high volume triggering.  The volume is simply where the Smart Volume Smart Stats plot is exceeding or above the yellow line.


How do I determine closing direction for each time period?

We have various ways of determining the direction based on the cycling. You really just have to experience it. but it is related to cycling methods we teach. All this is in your members area on the site.  It is an adaptive method and it is always different. It is fun to learn and to interpret live.

How and when are the red and green backgrounds produced?

The background color changes are based on immediate order flow over the last several bars and price bar patterns.  We use this as our triggering system and we also teach various other triggering related methods you can use in conjunction with that.  All this is in your members area on the site.


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