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How might you know if a continuation pattern is 80% against working, or if a continuation will go beyond a new high or low with high probability (sometimes with 100% historical probability)?  Or, if the market is likely in a trap zone? Learn (and trade) the Three Period Probability Walk!

Why is this post for members only?  This article is well worth a monthly subscription.  So if all you did was sign up and read this post, you would receive full value for your order, but the Oil Trading Room is much much more than this a hundred times over.  If you are serious about your trading,  Join us, learn, advance your skills and knowledge and come into alignment with your higher trading powers!

Thanks to Sam for making this table!  Ask questions and advance your learning in the room!


Also note on the line Sam highlighted-  The period ending -1, A, B should have about 61 ticks of range.  What if you are actually more?  What is you are actually less?

At what (which specific price action event) point do you know K period will make a new high or low in a given direction (note that is 100% on the table!)?

Give these concepts some thought and share with the room!

Thank You!

Trading “In The Know”

Thursday's (10/19/2017) Chart (below - click to enlarge)

Enjoy Steve's most recent webinar entitled: Trading "In The Know" and learn the above methods by clicking Here

This Special Stock Index Trading Room Webinar event with lead trader and mentor Steve Myers and Rob Mitchell covers:

•       Proven Trading Signals
•       High Historical Win ratio
•       Low Risk and high reward
•       Simple / Effective
•       Proven trades

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In the webinar, these signals we use every day, will be revealed along with the win rate of each trade, so by the end  of the webinar you will know the setups and how likely they are to win too.  That’s why this is a “Must Watch” recording.

Our signals have some funny names (thanks to our members)  are powerful, and easy to learn with the right effort.
1.      Touch & Go
2.      Green Below and Red Above
3.      Trap (this catches bottom or top bar quite often).
4.      “Gift Trade”
5.      Strong and Weak Batman

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Put the odds in your favor Now by learning to enter trades at the best possible place, enter with a decided “discount” to your entry.  See how our “Smart Patterns” system can help you to let winners run and capture the best benefit from your trading.

Enjoy Steve's most recent webinar entitled: Trading "In The Know" and learn the above methods by clicking Here

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Amazing Scalping, Early Entry Techniques and The TTO Pump Method from The Oil Trading Room (Members Only)

This post is content taken from the room lecture on February 2nd 2016 and reveals advanced techniques for scalping, shorter term trading and getting into trades early with potentially reduced risk using OTR / Smart Patterns Tools.  This post alone is worth many times even an annual subscription to the room.  Join us if you are not already a member before the room is sold out!

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Member Research Projects (Members Only)

The very best research in the OTR has been due to members collaborating and the flowing together of various ideas of members and reducing it into statistically viable information. If you do research projects in the room, you not only make contacts and associations with other top traders but you will pretty much always remember the tools and statistics you develop.  This way, when you look at charts, you see probabilities. This, of course leads to trading with knowledge. But also knowing for example, that there is a given probability the market will do a certain thing in a given time span. There is no better form of knowledge to have while trading.  Get involved and benefit!  Note: You must be logged in as a room member to access the rest of this article. Sign up now at the home page to get access.

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