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In this session we clear negative emotions from the trading past, learn an amazing technique for clearing anxiety during trading (and in life), techniques for balancing, creating highly achievable and attainable goals  and more.  Attend this session only if you are prepared to experience significant personal and empowering change.

Why are these articles for Members only? Because any one of these articles is easily worth the cost of being a member. The information in this article could easily be worth thousands to you!  In the OTR,  it is just part of membership and an ongoing stream of advancing trading technology that we strongly encourage you to be a part of.

Enjoy the session below.  Attend this session fully engaged and in one completely uninturrupted session only:

Trader RedTail

STOP IT! Using what doesn’t work to find what does

By Scott Bruzzi

As traders trying to enter the realm of “pro,” we are always attempting to improve. And we should be!  We are always searching for something new to help us make better choices. Most times, we feel that a new system or tool is all we need. And for many this belief is enough. However for others including myself, there is another issue at hand. For some, it’s not just about learning something new, but about stopping something old. In my early years, my problem was that some of my trade entries worked well. But when they didn’t, it was detrimental and costing me more than I had made. These choices may have been initiated from poor teaching but I drove them in with stubborn abandon.

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Assisted Meditation for traders (members only)

In this session we covered how to do meditation at a deep level using hypnosis and self hypnosis.  We also covered enhanced traders states and learnings that lead to more empowered trading.

Why is this session for members only?  This session is well worth a monthly subscription.  So if all you did was sign up and attend this event, you would receive full value, but the Oil Trading Room is much much more than this a hundred times over.  If you are serious about your trading,  Join us, learn, advance your skills and knowledge and come into alignment with your higher trading powers!

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