Secrets of the Oil Trading Room Rail Road Track Pattern

By Mike Wilt

I am writing this blog article in the spirit of sharing my insights.  These are my thoughts and opinions and it is how I see the patterns.  I would encourage others to both comment to this blog posting and to share your thoughts, observations and successes in the room.  I look forward to hearing from many new voices. Continue reading

Analyzing Ranges in Crude Oil for Intraday Trading (Members Only)

Sometimes it is of great value to analyze how a market organizes itself in various ways.  The 30 min chart is certainly used extensively by large traders to balance portfolios and to make trading decisions and it is often of value to know what these traders are doing- especially if you trade on a lower time frame.  Note you must be logged in as a room member to access the rest of this article. Sign up now to get access.

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The importance of zones analysis day trading crude oil futures

Today was a trend reversal day in crude oil.  These days can be challenging because you have a trend that is going against the larger trend.  As more and more higher time frame players are forced to cover their shorts, and new buyers come in, a trend can resume.

Typically as this occurs the market will be trading into Continue reading

Learn How to Trade S&P Emini Futures Trading Room and Day Trading Education

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