The Stock IndexTrading Room (SITR)  is run daily by Steve Myers:


Steve Myers is a successful and highly passionate day trader and has developed a unique and effective way to read price action and price patterns to develop a winning trading system.

Steve comes to the trading world after an impressive, 35 year career as a Professional Golfer and a member of the PGA of America.  Steve is a gifted teacher  and has taught golf at the highest levels and has had the pleasure of working  with some of the top Professional Golfers of his generation.

He now brings his this love, passion, and excellence in teaching and coaching to the trading world.  Steve has spent the past 3 years in daily study of price action in live market conditions, trading his own accounts.  For the past year, Steve has been learning from, and evolving his trading style under the training of Master trader Rob Mitchell.  Because of this, Steve is now ready to make his expertise available to other traders.

“Our goal in the Stock Index Trading Room is to train, coach, and equip traders to become excellent traders and experience successful trading careers.  This takes time and work from both parties, but the rewards of becoming a successful trader are indescribable”, says Steve.

While Steve still spends a few hours a week working with his favorite golf students, the lion’s share of his time is being devoted to developing himself into the very best trader, and more importantly, the very best trading coach possible.

“When it comes to learning any worthwhile task, doesn’t it make sense to be engaged with a professional coach / teacher with a proven track record vs. someone that may do well, but doesn’t understand the nuances of getting others to understand the process on a personal level?”

The Stock Index Trading Room thinks YES!

Steve is honored to be a big part of the total package being offered by the Stock Index Trading Room.   He is excited about the limitless possibilities for the future, and is looking forward to using his natural skill as a teacher and mentor to help each trader to reach their personal trading goals.


The Stock Index Trading Room (SITR) is based on the Smart Patterns Trading System and Trading Technologies created originally in the Oil Trading Room. This site and service were created as a result of many requests for us to do a trading room for the Stock indexes and in particular, the ES Emini S&P. Trading in the SITR commenced on or about 11/20/2016.  Before this time, much of this site's content, blog posts, statistics etc. are from the Oil Trading Room.  This is true because much of this content is highly relevant to members in the ES as well and we wanted you to have access to this content.  After this date, the SITR was independently operated from the Oil Room.

Rob Mitchell is the real deal when it comes to market research, the development of highly actionable trading methods and the training of traders.

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To learn more about Rob and his credentials watch this webinar interview by Robbins Trading Company:  The Making of a World Cup Champion

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